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maintenance and overhauls

Maintenance and Overhauls

Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd can supply and install a large range of custom designed industrial vacuum pumps, pump systems, including the range of Edwards pumping stations, Pump and booster packages, Tecvac coating machines built to your specifications.

Leak detection

Absolute vacuum services Ltd NZ supply New Mass spectrometer leak detection units and & carry out leak detector scheduled preventative maintenance and servicing. Leak detector repairs to all types of leak detection systems including new or completely refurbished units.

The AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic leak detector is extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak. Using a technology called "Heterodyning" it translates the sound to a lower frequency which your ear can interpret. AccuTrak maintains the original sound characteristics making it possible to distinguish leaks from other competing background sounds.

Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd your leak detection specialists carry out an on site a re-evacuation - vacuum dehydration service and a vacuum pumping service of LN2 and cryogenics vessels. We also offer a (He) Helium leak detection service anywhere in New Zealand with our own portable MSLD helium mass spectrometer leak detector. Therefore using effective methods of Sniffer Leak Testing and Spray Leak Testing to quickly find leaks.

leak detection

Gauge Calibrations

Gauge Calibrations

We supply, service, repair, calibrate and install a wide range of vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers to a wide range of industrial and scientfic industries.

Regular gauge checks/calibrations of all types of vacuum gauges are essential to: Maintain reliability and accuracy as contamination, age, movement, power & temperature fluctuations adjust their accuracy.

Hire pumps

Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd is able to supply a wide range of Industrial hire pumps & equipment for long or short term use NZ wide. All hire vacuum pumps & hire vacuum equipment is tested before & after every hire period to ensure maximum performance.

Hire pumps are a great option for emergency breakdowns, planned repairs or maintenance, and increased work loads such as seasonal demands.

Hire pumps