Gauge Calibrations


Measurement and Control, Calibration Services

Vacuum Gauges and Vacuum Controllers:

We supply, service, repair, calibrate and install a wide range of vacuum gauges and vacuum controllers to a wide range of industrial and scientfic industries:

  • TIC instrument controllers
  • APG100 Active Pirani vacuum gauge
  • ATC Active Thermocouple gauge
  • Barocel vacuum / pressure transducer
  • AIGX Active Ion gauge
  • IGC Ion gauge controller
  • CG16K dial capsule gauges
  • CR2 dial capsule gauges
  • CG3 vacuum gauges
  • VS16K adjustable vacuum switch
  • Buchi V-850/855 vacuum controllers
  • Gascheck leak detectors
  • Digital gauges
  • Penning gauges
  • Pirani gauges
  • Vacuum measuring instruments
  • ADC Active digital controllers
  • APGX-H Active Linear convection gauge
  • ASG Active Strain gauge
  • AIM Active inverted magnetron gauge
  • WRG Active wide range gauge
  • Model 1575 pressure display
  • IS16K Vacuum interlock switch
  • Vacustat 1, Vacustat 2
  • Profibus communications module
  • Bourdon vacuum gauges
  • Dial capsule vacuum gauges
  • Teledyne Hastings gauges
  • Edwards vacuum gauges
  • Thyracont gauges
  • mbar gauges, torr gauges

Industrial Gauge Calibrations:

Regular gauge checks/calibrations of all types of vacuum gauges are essential to: Maintain reliability and accuracy as contamination, age, movement, power & temperature fluctuations adjust their accuracy.

Benefits of having your gauges calibrated by our calibration department:

  • AVS use a McLeod TD2 reference gauge, which is calibrated to the UK National Physical Laboratory Standards for all your ISO9000 requirements.
  • All our in house vacuum gauge calibrations come complete with a vacuum calibration certificate.
  • Save money by rectifying small problems before they turn into large ones.
  • Gauge repairs and a calibration can be carried out at the same time.
  • All vacuum gauge types.
  • Achieve optimum performance from your equipment.

Thermocouple vacuum gauges

Teledyne Hastings HPM4/5/6 Portable gauges and sensors

  • Works with DV-4, DV-5, DV-6 sensors.
  • Torr/mbar/Pa Display units
  • Operates on a single 9 Volt battery
  • Battery status indicator
  • Rugged portable carrying case included
  • Teledyne Hastings sensors:

    • DV-4 Thermocouple tubes 0.1 - 20 Torr range
    • DV-5 Thermocouple tubes 0.1 – 100 mTorr range
    • DV-6 Thermocouple tubes 1 - 1000 mTorr
    • DV-6S Ruggedized gauge tubes designed for outdoor use perfect on cryogenic tanks, tanker applications. Other tubes are also available on request.

Thermocouple vacuum gauges