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  • Hot of the press: Edwards 2016/2017 hard copy catalogue is now available email us for your copy.
  •  Edwards 2017 catalogue flip book link download contact AVS for pricing and delivery.
  • Holiday Shut down bookings:  We are currently taking bookings for the holiday period and Early 2016 contact us now to make arrangements. It is also a great time to check oil stocks and filters.
  • Modern Vacuum Practice handbooks 3rd edition: A few books are available for purchase further information in below pdf.

Edwards class leading RV range of oil-sealed rotary vane pumps provide pumping speeds from 3 to 12m3h-1.   Edwards RV pumps have become the industry standard for scientific primary pumping applications. RV pumps are uniquely capable of delivering high or low throughputs with high ultimate vacuum.  This combined with ultra-low noise levels; make them ideal for a wide range of applications and environments. Technical data link: http://www.absolutevacuum.co.nz/index.php/small-wet-dry-pumps.html 

Edwards RV3  Rated at 3.7m3, 240V, 50Hz, Single phase, Part no. A65201903  

Edwards RV5 Rated at 5.8m3/hr, 240V, 50Hz, Single phase, Part no. A65301903   

Edwards RV8 Rated at 9.7m3/hr, 240V, 50Hz, Single phase, Part no. A65401903 

Edwards RV12 Rated at 14.2m3/hr, 240V, 50Hz, Single phase, Part no. A65501903  

RV pumps are supplied with : 1 Ltr Ultra grade 19 oil, inlet filter, o-ring, instructions and power cord. 

The nXDS is the next generation in completely oil free, dry scroll pumps and replaces the XDS range.  nXDS improves on legacy XDS pumps by offering increased pumping speeds, combined with lower ultimate pressures, lower power consumption and lower noise. Gas ballast allows for pumping of condensable vapours including, water, solvents, dilute acids and bases.   nXDS pumps also feature the latest in tip seal technology giving significantly longer life between tip seal changes.  Integrated inverter drive with auto sensing voltage input delivers optimized pumping performance globally.   nXDS pumps are designed to be completely field serviceable.  The NGB pumps are standard nXDS pumps but with the gas ballast feature removed.

They are for applications where it is advantageous to have the control knob and machining removed so that it cannot be accidentally opened.  Example applications include rare gas recirculation and gas recovery.  Technical data link: http://www.absolutevacuum.co.nz/index.php/small-wet-dry-pumps.html 


Edwards nXDS6i  Rated at 6.2 m3/h⁻1, Part no. A73501983

Edwards nXDS10i  Rated at 11.4 m3/h⁻1, Part no. A73601983

Edwards nXDS15i  Rated at 15.1 m3/h⁻1, Part no. A73701983

Edwards nXDS20i Rated at 22.0 m3/h⁻1, Part no. A73801983

Edwards nXDS35i  Rated at 35.0 m3/h⁻1, Part no. A73001983

Dry scroll pumps supplied with instructions, warranty and power cord. 


  • Edwards nEXT240D Ex demo Package **SPECIAL OFFER**: 1x B81212100 nEXT240D 160W ISO100 pump (complete with ISO100 inlet screen), 1x D39592000 TAG controller, 1x D39592800 TAG power supply, 1 x B58053175 radial air cooler. Self Servicing which allows you to service the pump bearings @ ~ 35,000 hours.  These units Do not have to be sent off-shore for servicing.  Optional accessories are also available: Full range of wet or dry backing pumps, TAV vent valve.  Contact us for this SPECIAL OFFER 1 only ex demo unit left, full 12 month warranty.
  • Edwards ES range of pumps: The Edwards ES range of pumps represents a significant advancement in single stage oil sealed rotary vane pumps and are compatible with the EH range of boosters direct mount and frame mount combinations available.  www.edwardsvacuum.com/ES
  • Edwards Obsolete spares: We have a large range of obsolete and older vacuum pump spares in stock to suit Edwards equipment models such as: Speedivac, RB5, EDM2, EDM6, EDM12, EDM20, ECB1, ES, ED, RCB2, 1SC400, 1SC900.   


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Download this file (AVS_nEXT turbo pumps brochure - B80000895(1).pdf)AVS - Edwards nEXT Turbo pumps[AVS - Edwards nEXT Turbo pumps]2215 kB
Download this file (AVS_TAG_controller_datashet_-_D39592000.pdf)AVS - Edwards TAG Controllers[AVS - Edwards TAG Controllers]332 kB
Download this file (Modern vacuum practice books.pdf)AVS - Modern vacuum practice handbook[AVS - Modern vacuum practice handbook]86 kB