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Medium/Large Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Edwards GXS Dry Screw Vacuum Pumps

GXS dry screw vacuum pump enables:

•Increased productivity with reduced pump down time

•Improved product quality with ultimate vacuum of 5*10-4 mbar

•Consistent operation with automated control capabilities

•Reliability even in harsh applications

•Substantial savings on utilities consumption and maintenance costs

•Excellent fit for industrial applications like metallurgy, coating or drying

Interesting and informative GXS you tube videos: GXS pumps.


Edwards ES Range Single Stage Rotary Vane Pumps

•Class leading ultimate vacuum level and extended operating pressure range suitable for a wider range of industrial applications

•Low noise level

•Long service intervals 3000 hrs between standard oil changes

•In-built ISO and BSP connections easy integration

•Fully assembled package with EH boosters


An extremely large range of medium to large industrial vacuum pumps are available:

We have attached just a few pdf files for your reference,  let us know your requirements so we can further help you.

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       GXS Dry pump



Download this file (AVS - GXS dry screw vacuum pump brochure - M58800895.pdf)AVS - Edwards GXS Dry Screw Pumps[GXS160 - GXS160/1750 - GXS250 - GXS250/2600 - GXS450 - GXS450/2600 - GXS450/4200 - GXS750 - GXS750/2600 - GXS750/4200 Pumps]1948 kB
Download this file (AVS EU205-300.pdf)AVS - PVR EU Rotary Vane Pumps[EU205 - EU300 Pumps]151 kB
Download this file (AVS_-_Edwards_ES65_-_ES630_Rotary_Vane_Pumps.pdf)AVS - Edwards ES Rotary Vane Pumps[ES65 - ES630 Pumps]3563 kB
Download this file (AVS_CXS_chemical_dry_pump_brochure_-_M52800895.pdf)AVS - Edwards CXS Chemical Dry Pumps[CXS160 - CXS250 Pumps]1441 kB
Download this file (Edwards EV.pdf)AVS - Edwards EV Rotary Vane Pumps[EV20 - EV40 - EV70 - EV100 - EV160 - EV200 - EV300 - EV400 - EV630 Pumps]1003 kB
Download this file (EM40_-_EM275.pdf)AVS - Edwards EM Rotary Vane Pumps[EM40 - EM80 - EM175 - EM275 Pumps]917 kB