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Diffusion pumps

Edwards Vapour and Diffusion pumps

Diffstak Vapour Pumps

The Edwards Diffstak vapour diffusion pumps are compact, water cooled pumps with integral cooled baffles which provide exceptionally clean pumping.  The proven design ensurers very low backstreaming, reduced outgassing and minimized sealing requirements. These pumps are offered with integral manual or pneumatic high vacuum valves. 

High throughput Diffusion Pumps

The Edwards HT Diffusion pumps and EO Diffusion pumps offer the highest throughput (pressure mulitiplied by pumping speed) of any comparable sized pump, making them ideal for industrial processes that invole large quantities of gases.  These diffusion pumps can be used on processes with high critical backing pressure and feature baffles to ensure backstreaming is minimized. 

Vapour Booster Pumps

Edwards vapour booster pumps are designed to proved high pumping speeds at pressures intermediate between mechanical boosters and diffusion pumps.  Continually improved and updated the vapour booster pumps offer inherent reliabilty, ease of use, ease of maintenacne and tolerance to a wide range of inlet and exhaust pressures making them ideally suited to industrial applications.  


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