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non destructive testing

  • AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic Leak Detector:

    The AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic leak detector is extremely sensitive to the ultrasonic sound of a turbulent gas leak.  Using a technology called "Heterodyning" it translates the sound to a lower frequency which your ear can interpret.  AccuTrak maintains the original sound characteristics making it possible to distinguish leaks from other competing background sounds. 

    Includes everything you need: Ultrasonic detection unit, headset, wave guide, padded hard carry case, 9V DC battery and user manual.


    • Leak Detection: Air, Vacuum, Refrigerants, Any gas.
    • Diagnose thermal expansion valves in just 5 minutes.
    • Valves: Detect - hear internal leakage in any type of valve.
    • Bearing Wear: Hear wear & lubrication problems before damage is done.
    • Steam Traps: Detect live steam loss in seconds.

    AccuTrak VPE Ultrasonic leak detector Specifications:

    • Airborne Sensor Sensitivity: -80db/V-µBar
    • Detection Performance: 1.5oz/yr Refrigerant
    • Ultrasound Converter type: Heterodyne
    • Airborne Frequency response: 36kHz-42kHz
    • Sensitivity Control: Continually variable slide
    • Output, Audio: 0Hz to 4KHz
    • Output, Visual: 10 Element bar graph
    • Battery Type: Standard 9 Volt alkaline
    • Run time: 80-120 hrs
    • Dimensions: 10.5cm x 61mm x 22.2 mm
    • Overall Length: 14cm
    • Weight: 138 grams

    Capabilities and benefits of the AccuTrak Ultrasonic leak detector:

    • Capable of detecting a 5 psi leak out of a 0.005" (5/1000 inch) hole, 20 to 30 feet away depending on background noise.
    • Adjustable Sensitivity allows operator to quickly identify leaks from a distance and then zero inn on the exact location of the leak.
    • Easily detects any gas that generated ultrasonic sound during flow - including vacuum leaks.
    • Detecting leaks equivalent to 1.5oz/year of refrigerant. 
    • Not affected by wind or high concentrations of leaked gas or refrigerants.
    • The quickest, most cost effective way to find leaks. 
    • Save time and money on energy use, reduce costs on product loss.
    • Non-destructive, non-invasive testing. 
    • Compact with one hand operation.

    We also offer a Leak Detection Service more details can be found on our Re-evacuation and Leak Detection page on the below link: http://www.absolutevacuum.co.nz/re-evacuation-service,-leak-detection-services.html alternatively phone us on 09 294 7380 for further details.









  • Absolute Vacuum Services Ltd your leak detection specialists carry out an on site a re-evacuation - vacuum dehydration service and a vacuum pumping service of LN2 and cryogenics vessels.  We also offer a (He) Helium leak detection service anywhere in New Zealand with our own portable MSLD helium mass spectrometer leak detector.  Therefore using effective methods of Sniffer Leak Testing and Spray Leak Testing to quickly find leaks.

    Benefits of having your equipment Re-evacuated, vacuum tested, leak tested and vacuum leaks located by AVS:

    • Leak checking can accurately pin point extremely small leaks.
    • The quickest, most cost effective way to find leaks.
    • Find minute vacuum leaks.
    • Non destructive, non-invasive testing, minimal disruption.
    • Determine if your system or equipment is leaking or not.
    • Retain liquid nitrogen and products effectively.
    • Reduce operating costs on product loss.
    • Significant financial savings.
    • Save valuable production time and money.
    • Reduce down time, decrease energy useage.
    • Reduce system failure due to early fault detection.
    • Reduce wear and tear of vacuum pumps.
    • Reduce your carbon footprint.
    • Vacuum check inspections to check integrity of vessels.
    • Protects the environment from dangerous emissions.
    • Leak testing can be carried out with production in operation. .

    Our Re-Evacuation and Mass Spectrometer Air Vacuum Leak Testing Service can be useful in many applications to such as:

    • Re-evacuation of Cryogenics vessels and ISO tanks to reinstate vacuum.
    • Industrial leak testing and leak detection of Freeze dryers.
    • Vacuum chamber leaks inside and external leaks.
    • Test and re-evacuation of Liquid nitrogen dewars, Ln2 vessels and Ln2 tanks
    • Test and vacuum re-evacuation of Cryogenic banks.
    • Test and re-evacuation of TR7 dewars, MVE Lab 5 and SC412V dewars.
    • Oxygen, Argon, Liquid nitrogen vacuum insulated piping.
    • Leak detection of ISO and MVE Vessels.
    • Leak check Heat exchangers.
    • Vacuum dehydration.
    • Leak checking Vacuum ovens and vacuum furnaces.
    • Furnace door leaks.
    • Finding leaks on heat treatment plants and nitride furnaces.
    • Autoclave and e-beam welder leaks.
    • Geothermal power, Thermal evaporators and vaporizers vacuum tests.
    • Ormat vacuum testing.
    • Liquid Nitrogen Dewar repairs.
    • Distillation towers and Deodoriser leak detection.
    • Pressure vessels and Pumping system leak detection.
    • Food processing systems.
    • Vacuum jacketed pipework and vacuum system leak detection.
    • Leak detection of Cryogenic vessels and associated equipment.
    • Wessington Cryogenics vessels and ISO tankers.
    • ISOPACK super insulated vacuum storage tanks.
    • Taylor-Wharton liquid cylinders.
    • Cryo Diffusion cryogenic dewars.
    • Vacuum insulated transfer lines.
    • Vacuum coating and neon systems.
    • Vacuum seals and rollers.
    • Gas leak detection.
    • Helium leak testing.
    • Find leaks on welding seams.
    • Helium sniffing also known as sniffer leak testing.
    • Air leaks on vacuum valves.
    • Production line leak detection.
    • Pipe seam and pipe body leak detection.
    • Chamber leak detection.
    • Find the smallest vacuum and air leaks.
    • Pipe seam and flange leak detection.
    • Quality optimiazation in mold evacuation processes.
    • Evacuation of vacuum furnaces and coating chambers.

    Please contact us with your re-evacuation or leakage requirements.

    We supply new & refurbished leak detectors and offer a full leak detector maintenance service.   Should your equipment breakdown we can repair all types of leak detector units.

    AVS also offer an Ultrasonic leak detection service anywhere in New Zealand.

    Please check out our leak detector page or give us a call now on 0274 853 035 or 09 294 7380. 

    Power Stations  Leak Testing and Vacuum testing.
    No Job To Big
    Ln2 Tankers vacuum leak testing.
    Liquid Nitrogen vessels leak detection on site service.
    Vacuum testing of Geothermal plants and Heat exchangers.
    MSLD and Ultrasonic leak testing of Geothermal plants.


    Cryogenic vessel leak testing and vacuum restored.


    Liquid Nitrogen Dewar repairs carried out.

    Cryogenic dewars and dewar storage tanks re-evacuated.


    Liquid Nitrogen tanker repairs,  leak detection and evacuation.